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Ashley Christine Humphrey (née Laney; born October 13, 1982) was convicted of the 2003 murder of Sandra Rozzo, in Pinellas Park, Florida. Humphrey shot Sandee while she pulled up in her garage on the night of July 5, 2003. Though Ashley pulled the trigger, the real mastermind was her newly wedded husband Tracey Alvin Humphrey (born November 15, 1966), who talked Ashley into committing the murder on account of a rape charge against Tracey from Sandee, his ex-girlfriend, who would likely have testified against him. Ashley is currently serving 25 years in prison, while Tracey is serving life.


Ashley Christine Laney was born in Brandon, Florida on October 13, 1982. Ashley's parents weren't always there for her. Her father was around at the time of her birth, but was soon charged with sexual battery and then sent to prison. Her mother was an unstable alcoholic, and because of this she was sent to live with her grandmother, though she grew up in Brandon. Her grandmother brought her up to adulthood. When Ashley was in high school, her grandmother died. Though this hurt her deeply, she was successfully able to graduate with honors. She later dropped out of college her freshmen year, before moving to Pinellas Park. While she lived with her grandmother, she never lost contact with her mother, and would visit her all the time.

After moving to Pinellas Park, she took a job at a smoothie shop know as Planet Smoothie, which was located inside a small strip mall. A local gym known as the Athletic Club was across the street from where she worked.