Name Carol Kemp
Family 4 sons
Pathology Murderer
Dates December 27, 2011
Location Torquay, England
Motive Loss of control
Victims Martin Rusling
M.O. Stabbing
Conviction Life sentence
Status Incarcerated
Appearance Dark Hearts

Carol Kemp stabbed Martin Rusling through his heart at his home when he wanted to end their relationship.


Carol went in and out of foster homes. At one point, reunited with her mother, and then taken away again.

Carol was in several abusive relationships. The emotional scars made her unable to care for her children. Her four sons were taken into foster care. She had a history of self-harming. She had previously taken overdoses and cut herself. She had a borderline personality disorder. She was anxious and possessive. She suffered from very serious clinical depression and was put on anti-psychotic medication.

She found Martin Rusling on a dating site. He lived on Portland in Dorset. He worked as a laminator for a local firm, working there for many years. She met Martin after weeks of online communication. She fell in love with him, staying at his place a couple nights a week.

In the beginning of December 2011, she stopped taking her medication. She became desperate for attention. At one point, she called Martin 40 times in half an hour.

When Martin rejected Carol's offer of letting her move in, she was devastated. She picked up a knife and threatened to cut herself. Martin tried to stop her from doing so. She grabbed Martin by the neck and ripped off his necklace. She then stabbed him in the heart, dying on the floor. She called the police. Looking through the window, the police found Carol straddling Martin and kissing him on the lips.

She claimed she didn't mean to kill him. In May, 2012, she is convicted of murder. She is sentenced to life with a minimum 13 years in prison.