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Christina Shea Walters is a young woman from North Carolina who joined the Crips gang and shot her victims in a ritualistic type of initiation.

Twisted Thrills

In North Carolina in 1998, a troubled teenager named Christina Walters was having a strained relationship with her grandparents for 5 years. Her grandmother asked her granddaughter where she'd been. Walters told her she was with the Crips gang, full of adolescent delinquents who had a fiery rivalry with the Bloods. Both gangs wear different colors. Blue for the Crips, red for the Bloods, also known as the Original Blood family.

"Christina, you are too young to be running around with them people!" Her grandmother warned her. This could be a sign that she was only trying to protect Christina from the horrors of violence and bloodshed. Yet, the young single mother didn't listen to her. She told her that she doesn't want her granddaughter to be in a gang family. However, Christina replied to her with, "Oh, I don't like you much either! I want you to get out because I wanna spend some time with my son! Now go!"

According to gang expert Hunter Glass, Christina's mother was out of the family picture due to some problems with her health. Her father wasn't in the picture, either. Candice DeLong explained that a gang family allowed Christina to have the chance of being the perfect leader of the Crips gang. Each of the members were happy to see her again.

Christina offered them a good time by performing an initiation. First, they'd wear some blue, white and black clothing and load their weaponry with efficient bullets. Senior Sergeant Jo Autry explained that they'll have a blue teardrop under their eye which means they killed their victim. After getting dressed, they drive in a car and go on the prowl. As Debra Cheeseborough, an African-American woman, was about to enter her vehicle during a shift, she was caught by Christina's gang. They abducted her and put her in the trunk of her car.

With an insatiable hunger for blood and gore, Christina screamed at Debra, "Get down on your knees!" Debra refused. The gang leader shot her but no bullet discharged. Debra pled for mercy but Christina then shot her until the gun ran out of bullets. She reloaded and shot her a few more times before escaping back to her house. Debra was shot a total of eight times but survived.

The gang cheered about how the shooting gave them an adrenaline boost and a twisted thirst for excitement. Later, they kidnapped two more women, both Caucasian, and took them to an isolated field. Irritated by the constant noise, Eric Queen told Tracey Lambert to shut up before shooting her in the head, killing her instantly. The blast made him jump slightly but he quickly got used to the slaughter.

Then, Francisco Tirado grabbed Susan Moore by the neck and shot her in the head. In some gangs, a few members can easily serve the leader out of fear because they're beginning to think, "If he or she could do that to someone else, what might they do to me if I didn't follow their rules?" If they did speak up, they'd also be the next victim.

Debra Cheeseborough had survived the monstrous attack. In the interview, she explained that she'd been shot eight times. She had severe wounds to her legs, her abdomen as well as her left thumb. After she managed to make it to the road, she was rescued by a passerby. Each member of the gang was arrested and three, including Christina, received the death penalty. However, the sentences were later commuted to life imprisonment without parole by the N.C. Supreme Court.


Christina Walters is played by Kathleen John who also portrayed a minor character in "Bury Their Babies" from Season 6 and a victim character in Season 7.

Debra Cheeseborough and the Crips were also featured on "I Survived..." on the Biography channel from Season 3, Episode 7 in the 3rd segment.