Clara Carl
Name Clara Carl
Occupation Nurse
Pathology Serial Killer
Dates 1920, July 3-August, 1921
Location Missouri/Indiana
Motive Insurance money
Victims 3
M.O. Arsenic poisoning
Conviction Life in prison
Status Deceased
Appearance Dark Hearts

Clara Carl, born Clara Green, was a woman who poisoned her two husbands and a father-in-law.


Clara Green graduated from high school and had two years of business college.

Clara married Robert Gibson, a teacher. They would travel around the countryside, write stories about the history of towns, and sell them by subscription. But the business did not make much money for 12 years. In 1920, they met Frank Carl, a salesman. Clara got the impression that he had a lot of money.

In March, 1920, Clara poisoned Robert to death with arsenic. She did not want a funeral. By noon the next day, she packed up his body and shipped it off. She inherited $3,000, which would be $36,000 in present day. Five months after Gibson's death, she married Frank Carl.

The short amount of time from Gibson's death and Clara getting remarried made some people suspicious. Clara soon discovered that Frank Carl was not wealthy. She soon filed for divorce. He convinced her not to divorce him by making her the beneficiary of his life-insurance policy of $2,000, which is $25,000 in present today. Frank's father wealthy Alonzo, who was 85 years old, was invited to live with them. Alonzo had a large farm of over 500 acres in Kansas. The farm would be split up between the remaining sons.

She poisoned Alonzo to death with arsenic, and he died on July 3, 1921. She and her husband did not inherit the farm. Alonzo's stepson inherited it. In August, she poisoned Frank to death. The neighbors became suspicious. They were convinced that Clara had murdered her husband and father-in-law. They wrote to her accusing her of murder and wrote to authorities. The police exhumed the bodies, brought them to Indianapolis and did forensic tests. 27 grains of arsenic was found in Alonzo Carl's system, and six were found in Frank Carl's system. Two grains is all that's necessary to poison a person.

In 1922, she was convicted of murdering Frank Carl and sentenced to life in prison. In 1937, she convinced authorities she was dying of a terminal illness. After serving 15 years in prison, she was paroled. She lived for 30 years.

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