Name Dana Sue Gray
Family William Gray (ex-husband)
Occupation Former nurse
Pathology Serial Killer
Dates 1994
Location California
Motive Money, power hunger and rage
Victims 3
M.O. Stabbing (first murder)
Conviction Life in prison
Status Incarcerated
Appearance The Disturbed

Dana Sue Gray (born December 6, 1957) is an American serial killer who murdered three elderly women in 1994. She was caught after her fourth victim survived and identified her. Gray says she committed these murders to support her spending habits. She is now imprisoned in the California Women's Prison in Chowchilla.

Forensic psychiatrists also say she killed elderly women as surrogates to take out her hatred for her mother on them.


  • Norma Davis, February 16, 1994 (stabbed with two knives)
  • June Roberts, February 28, 1994 (strangled and beaten)
  • Dorinda Hawkins, March 10, 1994 (survived)
  • Dora Beebe, March 16, 1994