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Dena Thompson was an English woman who murdered her second husband and attempted to murder her third husband.


Dena Thompson was divorced twice before she met Richard Thompson through a newspaper add. She could read men brilliantly. She would find out their financial status, their hopes and ambitions.

After defrauding her first husband Lee of his money, she tricked him into thinking the Mafia were after them and convinced him to go into hiding.

She later married Julian Webb without divorcing Lee. She later poisoned him to death with arsenic in 1994. She lied to police by saying he overdosed on anti-depressants. Webbs didn't drink or do drugs, not even an Aspirin. She was quick to claim the insurance benefits the following morning. Webbs' death was declared an accidental overdose.

In 1998, she married Richard Thompson. In 2000, she tied up Richard Thompson in the ruse of having kinky sex. She then attacked him with a silver baseball bat. When Richard freed himself from his restraints, she grabbed a knife and tried to stab him. He fought her off.

At trial, she claimed Richard attacked her and she defended herself with a baseball bat. She was acquitted after attempted murder, but was convicted of fraud, getting three years and nine months in prison.

Frustrated, police looked in Dena's past and found out about her other two marriages and investigated the death of Julian Webb. His body was exhumed and examined by top forensics scientists. They confirmed his death by antidepressants, but not one dose. But it was declared it wasn't suicide. It had been ingested into his system for at least three days by Dena.

In 2003, Dena Thompson received life in prison for the murder of Julian Webb.