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Dorothy Mort was an Australian woman who killed her lover in 1920 in an attempted murder-suicide.

Long ago, Dorothy fell into deep depression after her father committed suicide. Throughout the years, she becomes emotionally overwhelmed.

Suddenly, she sat in bed and fell ill. Alarmed by her critical condition, her husband Harold called celebrity doctor Claude Tozer. Her depression went away when she began an affair with the doctor.

Shortly before Christmas, Tozer told Dorothy that he was ending the relationship because he was engaged to another woman. Because of this, Dorothy fell into depression again, invoking the still-unsuspecting Harold to call him again. On December 21, 1920, after having sex with Tozer one last time, Dorothy had him sit on the couch. While he opened a "gift", Dorothy shot him twice in the back of the head. Then she opened his vest, shot him in the heart and rebuttoned his vest before shooting herself in the chest in an attempted suicide.

In her eyes, it's almost as if she couldn't take it anymore. Surprisingly, she lived and was later arrested.

As the police took her into custody, Dorothy declared, "If I cannot have him, then no other woman shall." She was acquitted by reason of insanity and institutionalized. After eight years, she was released to her forgiving husband. She lived a crime-free uneventful life until she passed away at age 81 in 1966.