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"A mother uses her children to cover her tracks. Selfish desires lead to an excruciating death. An unhappy wife has secrets buried in the garden. These deadly women think they are home free, when they hit and run."
―Episode's tagline

"Fatal Ties" is the tenth episode of Season 11 of Deadly Women. It premiered on Investigation Discovery on November 3, 2017. The episode profiles women whose adulterous affairs led to murder.


Jennifer Shanbrom has a devoted husband in her police-officer spouse, Joel, but he doesn't make enough money to satisfy her spendthrift lifestyle and she berates him constantly. She begins an affair with her and Joel's business partner, Matthew Fletcher, and when Joel discovers the affair in March 1998, Jennifer and Matthew shoot him to death so they can collect on his $1 million life insurance policy. The killers marry afterward, but their wedded bliss is short-lived, as both are now serving life without parole. In 1770s Massachusetts, Bathsheba Spooner is stuck in an unhappy marriage to husband Joshua, an abusive alcoholic, and due to the laws and social mores of the day, divorce is not an option. When she has an affair with a handsome young soldier, Ezra Ross, and becomes pregnant, Bathsheba, believing murder is the only way out, enlists Ezra and two British soldiers to beat Joshua to death. All four conspirators are hanged in July 1778 after Bathsheba's request for a stay of execution due to her pregnancy is denied. British party girl Maria Boyne has multiple affairs while her devoted husband, Graham, stays home and cares for their children. Despite Maria's ill-treatment of him, Graham still loves her and, even after she abandons the family for her new younger boyfriend (who gets her pregnant), hopes they can reconcile. In April 2008, Maria, wanting to be rid of Graham for good, uses his devotion against him, luring him into a trap and stabbing him 31 times. She is serving a 36-year sentence.


  • Wensley Clarkson (himself; true crime author)
  • Candice DeLong (herself; former criminal profiler)
  • Diane Fanning (herself; true crime author)
  • Jeff Jonas (himself; District Attorney, retired)
  • Brian McCartin (himself; retired, LAPD Detective)
  • Deborah Navas (herself; author)
  • M. William Phelps (himself; investigative journalist)
  • Victor Temple, QC (himself; prosecutor)
  • Lynnanne Zager (narrator)