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Genene Jones is a former pediatric nurse who murdered at least 11 infants in her care. She would put their lives in peril in order to jump in to save them and appear as a hero. Unfortunately some died.

Abandoned by her natural parents and adopted by a family who would eventually die, she attempted to find attention by saving infants and looking as a hero.

She used vials of succinylcholine, a paralyzing drug called Anectine. When the hospital she was working at began an investigation of her, they found one of the vials was punctured by a needle. Two needle holes revealed she had withdrawn the anectine and attempted to replace it with saline solution.

The body of an infant named Chelsea revealed traces of Anectine. Investigators interviewed former colleagues at one of her former nursing job. They said "Oh, yeah, the one who murdered the kids." She was suspected of murder long before she became employed at the Kerrville Clinic. But her former employers cared more about their reputation and not getting sued than doing the right thing so they transferred her.

Jones was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to 99 years in prison. To this day, Jones insists she's innocent, a common trait of someone with hero complex.

She once wept over the grave of one her victims.