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"A mother uses her children to cover her tracks. Selfish desires lead to an excruciating death. An unhappy wife has secrets buried in the garden. These deadly women think they are home free when they hit and run."
―Episode's tagline

"Hit and Run" is the sixth episode of Season 11 of Deadly Women. It premiered on Investigation Discovery on October 6, 2017. The episode profiles women who killed their husbands and thought they were too clever to get caught.


Jacquelyn Gaimari and her husband Carl, a successful commodities trader, live the good life in 1970s suburban Chicago, but both are having affairs. By 1979, the marriage is over, and Jackie fears a divorce will leave her with nothing. On April 30, 1979, Carl is shot to death during a home invasion, and Jackie blames her daughter for leaving the door unlocked. 34 years later, Jackie's sister helps bring her to justice for planning the murder. Jackie is finally arrested and in 2016 is charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Jackie gets a 30-year sentence; the triggermen who shot Carl are still at large. Carl is not Jackie's only victim, as her daughter, who blamed herself for her father's death, later committed suicide. After Martha Ann McClancy and her husband Bob, a Vietnam veteran and former police detective, move from Florida to Tennessee, Martha begins an affair with Bob's friend, fellow veteran Chuck Kaczymarczyk. In May 2006, Bob dies of an apparent suicidal overdose of his PTSD medication. Martha and Chuck are later jailed for bilking the federal government out of $800,000 in veterans' benefits, and Chuck confesses that he and Martha planned Bob's murder by poisoning him with a fatal dose of his medication. Chuck gets 25 years behind bars and Martha gets 50 years with the possibility of parole in 2028. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ellen Snyder and her husband, Mike, a successful auto mechanic, live happily until Mike is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In addition to the stress of caring for a sick husband, Ellen's online gambling addiction has put the family $470,000 in debt. In January 2002, after Mike announces he's leaving her, Ellen shoots him eight times and then has her son help bury the body in the front yard. After eight years, Ellen is finally brought to justice but accepts a plea in exchange for only 11 years, a sentence that infuriates Mike's family.


  • Stephanie Beecken (herself; investigative reporter)
  • Candice DeLong (herself; former criminal profiler)
  • George Houde (himself; journalist)
  • Teri Johnson (herself; sister of Mike Snyder)
  • Travis Jones (himself; captain, Monroe County, TN Sheriff's Office)
  • Gregg Olsen (himself; true crime author)
  • M. William Phelps (himself; investigative journalist)
  • Chris Ramirez (himself; investigative reporter)
  • Calvin Rockholt (himself; criminal investigator, DA's office)
  • David Waymire (himself; prosecutor)
  • Mark Wilson (himself; retired police detective, Albuquerque, NM)