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"A lovesick woman won't accept the affair is over. A showgirl takes a dark new role. Sisterly love turns to hate. When these deadly women turn green-eyed, they reveal their hot tempers, cold hearts."
―Episode's tagline

"Hot Tempers Cold Hearts" is the eighth episode of Season 11 of Deadly Women. It premiered on Investigation Discovery on October 20, 2017. The episode profiles women who murdered out of jealousy.


Theresa Petto's relationship with friend-with-benefits Brent Kik ends when she becomes despondent and emotionally needy after the death of their infant daughter. Brent finds a new girlfriend, Rachel Drafta, but Theresa refuses to move on and begins stalking the couple. In June 2015, Theresa abducts Rachel and shoots her to death. She is serving life without parole. Former Hollywood showgirl Clara Phillips gave up her career to marry her husband, Armour, but he is often away on business, making Clara jealous and insecure. She soon accuses him of sleeping with an attractive young widow named Alberta Meadows, despite lack of evidence of any affair. In 1922, she entraps Alberta and then bludgeons her with a hammer and crushes her chest with a large rock. Dubbed "The Tiger Woman" by the press due to the brutality of her crime, she serves 12 years and is released at age 36. After some time living in the United States, Yvonne Caylor moves back to England and moves in with her half-sister, Nikki Collingbourne, but Yvonne is jealous of Nikki and often lashes out violently at her, and Nikki soon throws her out. Yvonne retaliates by stealing Nikki's prized doll collection and, after attempting to get Nikki's mother to lie on her behalf, finds herself facing charges for both burglaries and perverting the course of justice. In May 2016, Yvonne, disguised as a man, breaks into Nikki's home and stabs, bludgeons, and strangles her half-sister to death. She gets 20 years to life.


  • Janis Amatuzio (herself; forensic pathologist)
  • JP Asher (himself; reporter)
  • Wensley Clarkson (himself; true crime author)
  • Candice DeLong (herself; former criminal profiler)
  • Jeff Getting (himself; prosecutor)
  • Alex Jokich (herself; reporter)
  • Sgt. Glynn Martin (ret.) (himself; LAPD Police and historian)
  • John Price, QC (himself; prosecutor)
  • Mike Reisterer (himself; prosecutor)
  • Joan Renner (herself; crime historian)
  • Lynnanne Zager (narrator)