Name Ivan Kroeger
Family Ralph Kroeger
Occupation Motel owner
Pathology Murderer
Dates December 15, 1961/January 1962
Location Santa Rosa / San Francisco, California
Motive Money
Victims Mildred and Jay Arneson
M.O. Strangulation
Conviction First degree murder (paroled)
Status Deceased (2000)
Appearance Souls of Stone

Iva Kroeger was a housewife with dreams of owning her own business, and took over her friend Mildred Arneson's motel in Santa Rosa, California. Iva murdered Mildred and buried the body in her basement, then claimed Mildred moved to Brazil and left her the motel. Shortly afterward, she also murdered Mildred's husband, Jay. Iva and her husband Ralph, whose role in the murders is unknown, were both convicted of first degree murder. Ralph died in prison, and Iva was released after serving 13 years.

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