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Julie Dixon is a British woman who was sentenced to a minimum of 23 years for the 2011 murder of her partner, David Twigg.

Dixon and Twigg lived together in Lincolnshire, England. Twigg ran a home furnishings business with its own racing team, and Dixon served as his accountant. However, Dixon had a habit of not paying the bills. She went to extraordinary lengths to hide this from Twigg: for example, when Twigg received a summons to appear in court for failure to pay his bills, Dixon fielded the telephone call and told authorities Twigg was gravely ill and unable to make the court date. Dixon and Twigg continued to live a lavish lifestyle, including a trip to attend a race in the United States, with Twigg never suspecting his partner's misdeeds.

Desperate to keep Twigg from finding out and realizing she would soon be exposed, Dixon hit upon the most extreme solution to her problem: to kill her partner. In March 2011, she lured Twigg into a storage shed, then locked him in, doused the shed with gasoline, and set it on fire. David Twigg died of smoke inhalation.

Dixon made a hysterical emergency call and told authorities two masked intruders were responsible for the crime. For three months after Twigg's death, Julie Dixon stuck to that story, giving tearful press interviews and playing the part of the grieving girlfriend. However, her story fell apart when closed-circuit video showed her purchasing gasoline at a nearby store shortly before Twigg's death. After her case went to trial, Dixon admitted to killing Twigg, but first claimed she and Twigg had made a suicide pact, and then that Twigg had wanted to kill himself and had her help him with it.

In January 2012, Julie Dixon was sentenced to life with a non-parole period of 23 years.

Julie Dixon was profiled on Season 13, Episode 1 of Deadly Women, "Fatal Love."