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Katie Cook was a young woman who killed her immoral husband.


In the late 1800s, Katie Cook, a faithful Christian, grew up in Orange County. Her father was a prominent rancher and farmer in the Peatlands, west of Santa Ana, California.

At the age of 27, Katie married Tom Cook, a recent widower. He was a wealthy man, with land that produced a large sum of income. While they looked like a very well-to-do, upper-class couple. However, Tom hired many women on the ranch. He would constantly grope and flirt with the maids.

At first, Katie tried to turn a blind eye. Being the head of a good Christian household was everything. Tom was addicted to 19th-century pornography and dirty poetry. Tom's reading material was a source of extreme shame and embarrassment on Katie, which she didn't want to take part of.

Katie became so upset over her husband's behavior as she started losing weight, not sleeping and was crying frequently which appeared to be symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Tom dragged Katie deeper into his perversion. He made her watch Magda, a German servant girl, strip in front of them. He degraded Katie over and over again.

Tom Cook later slandered Jack Grizby's wife. Tom killed him in a duel. He was acquitted on self-defense.

Katie later begged Tom to forgo the other women and to come back into their marriage. Tom refused, saying that he would have any woman he wanted, whenever he wanted.

He later had an affair with servant Mabel Moody. Mortified by his behavior, she shot him in his sleep on August 28, 1899. She told Mabel Moody, "You took him from me", accusing her of ruining the marriage and causing the tragedy. She was acquitted of the murder because of Tom's reputation. However, questions about her motives still persist, including her marriage to loyal ranch hand Jim Barton.