Susan Wright

Lethal Love is the fifteenth episode of Season 5 of Deadly Women. It aired on December 9th, 2011.


Susan Wright is supposedly abused and controlled by her husband, who spends days having affairs with strippers and using drugs while Susan raises their two young kids. Susan doesn't believe in divorce and feels the only way out is murder.

Meanwhile, Alice Mitchell has plans of moving to Boston with her lover Freda Ward and living as a married couple disguised as a man, but when Freda's family stops those plans dead in their tracks and forbids her to see Alice, an obsession begins leading Alice to destroy the one she cherished most.

And Larissa Schuster is many things - a biochemist, an over-achiever... and a bully. She carries on affairs behind her husband's back and when he leaves the family home – instead of continuing her affairs, she permanently dissolves their marriage by dissolving Tim's body in a blue barrel of acid in the garage.