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Lethal Vengance is the twelth episode of Season 3 of Deadly Women. It aired on December 5th, 2009.


At age sixteen, Sarah Johnson shot both of her parents because they wouldn't let her see her nineteen-year-old boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Piper Rountree wouldn't rest until her ex-husband was in the grave for leaving her.

And Devil worshiping Christa Pike, convinced that college classmate Colleen Slemmer was trying to steal her boyfriend, cut Colleen over 300 times and bludgeoned her with a rock before taking a piece of the skull as a trophy.


In Christa Pike's story, the narrator erroneously states that the murder of Colleen Slemmer happened on the night of January 13, 1994. Slemmer was murdered on January 12, 1995.