Fatal obsession
Name Lisa Marie Montgomery
Family Carl Boman (ex-husband)
Kevin (ex-husband)
Four children
Pathology Murderer
Dates December 16, 2004
Location Skidmore, Missouri
Motive To cover her lie that she was pregnant
Victims Bobbie Jo Stinnett
M.O. Strangulation
Conviction On Death Row
Status Incarcerated
Appearance Fatal Obsession

Lisa Marie Montgomery murdered a pregnant woman and stole her baby.


In 2004, Lisa Montgomery told her husband and friends that she was pregnant. But it was a lie, which she had been doing throughout her life. Pregnancy was a constant lie, covering up the lie with faking miscarriage. She wore baggy clothes and made fake doctor appointments. She claimed that her alcoholic stepfather sexually abused her.

Though she had four children in her first marriage, she could not have anymore children because her reproductive system had been damaged beyond healing. It is unknown why her husband did not figure out Lisa's lie. She plotted to steal a child and pass it off as her own. She met Bonnie Jo Stinnett online, who was pregnant. Lisa was logged under the alias of Darlene Fischer, a dog lover like Stinnett. They set up a date to look at puppies. Inside Lisa's car was a knife, rope and a birthing kit.

On December 16, 2004, Lisa Montgomery came to Stinnett, who welcomed her in her house. Lisa asked Bobbie Jo to get a puppy. She then pulled out a rope and used it to strangle Bobbie Jo while the two puppies yelped. Pulling out the birthing kit and a knife, Montgomery prepared to cut out the unborn baby when Bobbie Jo woke up. Montgomery strangled her to death then delivered the baby via cesarean section. She had watched a video on how to do and attempted to replicate it. The child was delivered alive.

The first to arrive at the scene of the crime was Sheriff Ben Espey. Espey described that Stinnett's stomach looked like it had exploded. The police began searching for the missing baby.

In December 2004, Montgomery showed off a new baby she claimed to be her and her husband's. But the child was not theirs. 200 miles away, Bobbie Jo Stinnett had been murdered, with her stomach gutted open.

Lisa Montgomery was caught and sentenced to death, one of only three women on Death Row.

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