Name Martha Wise
Family Sophie Hasel (mother)
Fred and Lily Geinke (aunt/uncle)
4 children
Occupation Farmer
Pathology Serial Killer
Dates December 12, 1924
February 1925
Location Medina County, Ohio
Motive Free herself to court man
Victims Sophie Hasel, Fred and Lily Geinke
M.O. Arsenic Poisoning
Conviction First-degree murder of Lily Gienke
Status Deceased
Appearance Fatal Attraction

Martha Wise (1884 – June 28, 1971), born Martha Hasel, was a bipolar American poisoner. After her husband died and her family forced her to end a relationship with a new lover, Wise retaliated by poisoning seventeen family members, of whom three died, in 1924. She was convicted of one of the murders, despite defense claims that she was mentally ill and that her lover had ordered her to poison her family. The case is considered one of the most sensational of the era in Ohio, where it occurred.