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Sara Moore (Not to be confused with the woman who tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford) was a young woman who murdered Richard Englander.


At 35 years old, Sara Moore lived in Albany, the capital of New York. She lost her job as a hairstylist, forcing her to do odd jobs as a drifter. She became the live-in caretaker of 89-year-old Richard Englander, a World War II veteran who is afflicted with multiple sclerosis. Serving in the European front, he was exposed to plutonium, a radioactive component, back in Nazi Germany.

Sara Moore responded to Englander's ad in the paper. She charmed her way into employment. She moved in on February 1, 2014. She cooked, cleaned,  took Richard to appointments, picked up his medication, and decided to do the shopping.

Sara was more interested in his money though. She asked to borrow $50 on the second day of employment, but Richard didn't have cash. He gave him his credit card for food. Three days after moving in, Sara left Richard alone for hours, basically ignoring him. Four days, Sara seemed to have completely given up. She once stayed all day in bed. Richard realized she needed to go.

On February 6, 2014, she began stealing Richard's checks. She was a crack-addict and needed money for her fixes. Richard found out about this and put a stop payment about her missing check then called the police. The bank rejected Sara's attempt to cash a check.

Sara came back to the house and confronted Englander, who was on the phone. She yelled at him and went to the garage to get a tire iron, with the intent of murdering Englander. The M.S. had rendered him defenseless as Sara beat him with the tire iron. The phone was still on and the person on the other end could hear the beatings. Sara hit Englander enough times that the medical examiner could not determine how many times she struck him. Sara would finish him by slitting his throat. Richard would die in a hospital. She tried to cash another check at the same bank. The bank called the authorities. Sara went to a local shopping mall and bought an Xbox 360 with Richard's credit card. But the card was on a watch list, enabling the police to arrest her.

Sara Moore pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, receiving a sentence of 25 years to life.