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Sarah Marie Johnson (born January 24, 1987) is a girl convicted of two counts of murder of her parents in 2003, after they attempted to forbid her from dating her 19 year old boyfriend.

At age 16, she had began dating Brunos Santos, a 19 year old high-school dropout and an illegal Mexican immigrant. He had been involved in street narcotics. Her parents forbid her from seeing him.

Eventually on September 2, 2003 she shot her mother in bed with a bolt-action .264 Winchester Magnum at 6:30 in the morning. Then she shot her father as he came out of the shower to investigate the sound of a rifle shot.

As the bodies of her parents were taken away by the police, she was unusually calm. At school, Sarah acted calm and didn't show any care or distress at her parents' deaths, wanting more to play volleyball and get her nails done. Police found a trash bag with the blood-stained bathrobe and gloves.

One month after the murder, she was arrested and sentenced to life in prison.