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Season 9 aired from August 27, 2016, to November 26, 2016.


Image Title Airdate Season Episode Series Episode
Deadly women.jpg "Killer Cougars" August 27, 2016 1 133
Beauty and intelligence isn't always a winning formula. A caring mother acts like a child. One woman wants everything in life but love. These Deadly Women charm much younger men but they turn out to be Killer Cougars.
Deadly women.jpg "Granny Gets a Gun" September 3, 2016 2 134
A woman disapproves of her granddaughter's new boyfriend and plots to eliminate him; a man pays for his wife's expensive secret with his life; a woman takes matters into her own hands after her retired husband falls ill.
Deadly women.jpg "Bad to the Bone" September 10, 2016 3 135
A warped young woman celebrates her husband's birthday with a thrill kill; a newlywed reveals her violent side; a young woman seeks revenge after her lover is convicted of a crime.
Deadly women.jpg "Cling 'Til Death" September 17, 2016 4 136
Clingy women who are killers.
Deadly women.jpg "Sugar and Spite" September 24, 2016 5 137
Women who seem sweet natured turn out to be killers.
Deadly women.jpg "Cash In" October 1, 2016 138 {{{SeriesNumber}}}
Deadly women who are motivated by money.
Deadly women.jpg "Killer-In-Laws" October 8, 2016 7 139
Women who satisfy their blood lust within the family.
Deadly women.jpg "Suspicious Minds" October 22, 2016 8 140
A social worker can't keep the lid on her possessive nature; a friendship is destroyed by jealous delusions; young love leads to a violent end.
Deadly women.jpg "Unspeakable Acts" November 5, 2016 9 141
A serial monogamist grows tired of her fourth husband; a woman takes measures to eliminate her lover's wife and child; A high school teacher stages her husband's murder to cash in on his life insurance.
Deadly women.jpg "DYI Burial" November 12, 2016 10 142
An aspiring Olympic equestrian finds a solution to her financial woes; a young divorcee decides to get rid of her ex-husband for good; a greedy woman sets her eyes on a wealthy widower for her next victim.
Deadly women.jpg "Anger Mismanagement" November 19, 2016 11 143
A highway patrol officer takes her dangerous temper out on her husband; an unhappy housewife recruits her children's aid to kill her husband; a protective mother becomes overwhelmed with jealousy over her son's new girlfriend.
Deadly women.jpg "Love Leaves Town" November 25, 2016 12 144
A pregnant 20-year-old woman takes deadly measures when her boyfriend threatens to leave her; a woman sets her eyes on her fiancé's bank account; involved in a love triangle, a housewife chooses to end one relationship permanently.
Deadly women.jpg "Friends to Foes" November 26, 2016 13 145
A suspicious college student stabs her best friend; young fetishists get a thrill out of killing and a woman strangles her female lover after their living arrangements become too much to handle