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Season 11 aired from September 1, 2017, to November 24, 2017.


Image Title Airdate Season Episode Series Episode
Deadly women.jpg "Mid Life Murder" September 1, 2017 1 146
A desperate woman blames another for all her woes. A country housewife takes up a sinister hobby and a lonely widow won't give up her second chance for love. These Deadly Women aren't planning for their retirement, when they turn to Mid-Life Murder.
Deadly women.jpg "Illicit and Lethal" September 8, 2017 2 147
A casual affair leads to dangerous fantasies. A mistreated young woman seeks revenge. An English mom can't handle rejection. Their affairs are hot... but their tempers are hotter. These Deadly Women's romances are Illicit and Lethal.
Deadly women.jpg "Broken Ties" September 25, 2017 3 148
A desperate need for motherly love turns lethal, an old-style matriarch wants total control and being blonde and beautiful masks a sick mind. These Deadly Women find their victims within their families, when blood ties become Broken Ties.
Deadly women.jpg "The Dark Side" September 22, 2017 4 149
A dedicated wife turns cowgirl, just for kicks, a nurse who isn't a healer, and an American pioneer who leaves a grisly trail. These Deadly Women prey on the most vulnerable, when they take a walk on The Dark Side of the Force.
Deadly women.jpg "Two to Tangle" September 29, 2017 150
An unusual romance ends a marriage, and a life. A serial bigamist wants one less husband. A mistress must win at any cost. These Deadly Women don't work alone. For them, it takes Two to Tangle.
Deadly women.jpg "Hit and Run" October 6, 2017 6 151
A mother uses her children to cover her tracks. Selfish desires lead to an excruciating death. An unhappy wife has secrets buried in the garden. These Deadly Women think they are home free, when they Hit and Run.
Deadly women.jpg "Death Watch" October 13, 2017 152 {{{SeriesNumber}}}
A teenager has a lethal desire. An angel of mercy prescribes the wrong medicine. When a good girl meets a bad boy, it's a killer combination. These Deadly Women see it through to the end. Their passion is being on Death Watch.
Deadly women.jpg "Hot Tempers, Cold Hearts" October 20, 2017 8 153
A lovesick woman won't accept the affair is over. A showgirl takes a dark new role. Sisterly love turns to hate. When these Deadly Women turn green-eyed, they reveal their Hot Tempers, Cold Hearts.
Deadly women.jpg "Love of Money" October 27, 2017 9 154
A kept woman finds profit in betrayal. A widow's envy turns lethal. A country mom takes a dark path. These Deadly Women's hearts are filled with one desire: a Love of Money.
Deadly women.jpg "Fatal Ties" November 3, 2017 10 155
A desire for luxury becomes a lethal obsession, an unfaithful wife protects her reputation, at any cost, and a hot mama uses her assets to set a trap
Deadly women.jpg "In The Family II" October 23, 2015 156
A golden child leads a double life. A loving stepmother turns truly wicked. A sister's care masks heartless greed. These Deadly Women don't travel far. Their victims are In the Family.
Amy Bishop.png "Tipping Point" November 17, 2017 12 157
When a professor isn't granted tenure, her disappointment turns into a deadly shooting rampage. An Irish immigrant destroys the evidence of a kinky love affair and a housekeeper retaliates against her bosses after being fired.
Deadly women.jpg "Dumped and Dangerous" November 24, 2017 13 158
A jilted wife takes out the competition. A good-time girl is running low on charm. An unrequited love pushes a woman to the edge. These Deadly Women are the exes from hell, Dumped and Dangerous.