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Theresa Riggi was an American-born young woman in the UK who killed her 3 children to get revenge on her ex husband. She committed suicide in prison in 2014.

Murder of Innocence

A young American couple named Pasquale and Theresa Riggi move to Scotland so they can relax and live in a peaceful, easy life. The lovers dream is to have a happy family which comes true. Theresa's former companion, Amber Sebold remembers the joy of having 2 twin sons.

On IVF, Theresa gives birth to a new daughter named Cecilia Riggi. Dressed up in Minnie Mouse and Sleeping Beauty costumes, the youthful mother promises her daughter to have a special party. For all of you Disney fans out there, you can choose an outfit that's based on your favorite character.

Anyway, back to the story. Theresa's devotion to motherhood instantly becomes an obsession when she home schools her kids. "Mom, why can't we go to school like other kids?" One boy asked. "You're much safer here with me." Theresa responded. Amber explained that Theresa doesn't trust the school, the education department or the outside world itself.

Frustrated with his wife attempting to isolate his children, Pasquale asked her a somber but true question. "They need to interact with other kids! Why can't you see that?!" Theresa coldly responded with, "They're not going and that's final!" This time, he has had enough. "I can't do this anymore! I want a divorce!"

According to Scottish TV reporter James Matthews, she was putting her needs before her family. Including her husband.

Pasquale rightfully breaks up with her and takes custody of the kids, but that decision was about to end with a devastating outcome. Theresa also puts trackers on her children while she keeps a close eye on where they're going. Alarmed by this, her ex husband decides to act fast.

Vengeful and furious, the former wife killed her children by using knives to stab them 8 times. For her to do that, it shows her that the only way to agonize Pasquale is to eliminate what he treasures the most.

She plays the victim card by screaming, "I can't believe what's happening to me!" until she throws herself off the balcony. Surprisingly, a black car breaks her fall when a suicide attempt backfires.

Former FBI profiler Candice DeLong discovers that Theresa's diagnosed with a mental condition known as Histrionic Personality Disorder, also known as HPD for short.

It's a mental illness that causes the individual to have repetitive behaviors or emotional symptoms. The perfect way to treat it is to understand the causes, give the individual a chance to function within psychotherapy and give special medications to manage the condition.

Theresa said that God was "calling her and the children home." Outside, a chair has the 3 children's names carved onto it. It was a beautiful memorial.

Riggi committed suicide in prison in 2014.