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"A charismatic young woman uses the acult for murder. A teen turns jealousy into a murderous game, and the pack mentality takes hold A 16-year-old girl picks up a gun and shoots into a school yard, just because she doesn't like Mondays. These deadly women are all seduced by the dark thrill of the kill."
―Episode tagline

Thrill Killers is the first episode of Season 2 of Deadly Women. It aired on October 9, 2008.


Melinda Loveless's jealousy sparks a revenge rampage that leads to the kidnap and torture of an innocent 12-year-old.

Meanwhile, 16-year-old Brenda Spencer opens fire on a schoolyard, killing two and wounding nine because she doesn't like Mondays.

And elsewhere, in Brisbane, Australia, a so-called "lesbian Vampire murder" - a tale of satanic rituals, and gothic goings-on, culminates in the slaying of a male victim to satiate Tracey Wigginton's lust for blood.


  • Lynnanne Zager (narrator)
  • Janis Amatuzio (herself)
  • Daryl Barnes (himself; retired school teacher)
  • Colleen Davidson (herself; Brenda Spencer's neighbor)
  • Candice DeLong (herself)
  • Amy Dymond (Amanda Heavrin)
  • Donn Foley (himself; hunter)
  • Pat Glancy (himself; retired detective)
  • Adrian Gundelach (himself; lawyer)
  • Amanda Heavrin (herself; Shanda Sharer's girlfriend)
  • Steve Henry (himself; retired)
  • Kiera Horner (daughter)
  • Cam Miller (himself; shooting victim)
  • Pip Moore (Toni Lawrence)
  • Richard Sachs (himself; deputy DA)
  • Krystle Sansom (Melinda Loveless)
  • Hayley Sullivan (Laurie Tackett)
  • Jacqui Vaught (herself; Shanda's mother)


  • This episode has gone by two names, 'Thrill Killers'and 'Thrill Kills'.