Tracey Wigginton
Name Tracey Wigginton
Family Grandparents (deceased)
Occupation Unemployed
Pathology "Vampire" Murderer
Dates October 21, 1989
Location Brisbane, Australia
Motive Vampirism
Victims Edward Baldock
M.O. Stabbing
Conviction Life in prison
Status Paroled
Appearance Thrill Killers

Tracey Wigginton (born 1965) is an Australian murderer who achieved notoriety for killing a man in 1989, supposedly in order to drink his blood.


Wigginton's mother abandoned her at age 4. She was then raised by her grandparents.

By the time she was 24 years old, Wigginton had been for a long time fascinated with the Black Arts. She fantasized about the occult, held seances and read tarot cards. She was physically strong and chose lesbian girlfriends with similar interests as friends. This is possibly a state of protest against her devout Catholic upbringing.

Wigginton, her lover Lisa Ptaschinski, and another lesbian couple lured an inebriated Baldock into the back of Wigginton's green Commodore at Kangaroo Point and drove him to a riverside park in West End, with the promise of sex.

Wigginton left Baldock alone for a moment to Ptaschinski participate. She accidentally dropped her credit card. Thinking it was his, Baldock put it in his shoe. This would lead to Wigginton's arrest.

After undressing by a sailing club ramp, Baldock was stabbed 27 times in the neck and back - opening a hole the size of a "bread and butter plate". Then she made a deep slash to her victim's throat. Then Wigginton drank the dead stranger's blood to impress her black-clad cohorts.

While she was sentenced to life in prison, she was paroled in 2012.

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